Sci Fi TV Schedule

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8-9 PM Supergirl (CW) Returns from Hiatus Jan 15
8-9 PM Legends of Tomorrow (CW) New Timeslot, Returns from Hiatus Feb 12
8-9 PM Lucifer (FOX) Returns from Hiatus Jan 1
8-9 PM iZombie (CW) Season 4 Premiere Feb 26
8-9 PM Shadowhunters (Free) Season 3 Premiere Mar 20
9-10 PM The Gifted (FOX) Season Finale Jan 15
10:30-11 PM Final Space (TBS) Series Premiere Feb 26


8-9 PM The Flash (CW) Returns from Hiatus Jan 16
9-10 PM Black Lightning (CW) NEW SERIES Series Premiere Jan 16
10-11 PM Kevin Probably Saves the World (ABC) Returns from Hiatus Jan 2


8-9 PM Riverdale (CW) Returns from Hiatus Jan 17
8-9 PM The X-Files (FOX) Season 11 Premiere Jan 3
8-9 PM The Librarians (TNT) Season Finale Feb 7
9-10 PM The Magicians (Syfy) Season 3 Premiere Jan 10
9-10 PM Krypton (Syfy) NEW SERIES Series Premiere Mar 21
10-11 PM Happy (Syfy) Continues from Fall
10-11 PM Channel Zero (Syfy) Season 3 Premiere Feb 7


8-9 PM Supernatural (CW) Returns from Hiatus Jan 18
8-9 PM Gotham (FOX) Returns from Hiatus Mar 1
8-9 PM Beyond (Free) Season 2 Premiere Jan 18
9-10 PM Siren (Free) NEW SERIES Series Premiere Mar 29
8:30-9 PM The Good Place (NBC) Returns from Hiatus Jan 4
9-10 PM Arrow (CW) Returns from Hiatus Jan 18
11-12 PM Superstition (Syfy) Season Finale Jan 18


8-9 PM Once Upon A Time (ABC) Returns from Hiatus Mar 2
8-9 PM MacGyver (CBS) Continues from Fall
9-10 PM Agents of SHIELD (ABC) Continues from Fall


9-9:30 PM Star Wars: Rebels (DXD) Returns from Hiatus Feb 24
10-11 PM Falling Water (USA) Season 2 Premiere Jan 6


8-8:30 PM Ash vs. Evil Dead (Starz) Season 3 Premiere Feb 25
8:30-9 PM Ghosted (FOX) Returns from Hiatus Jan 7
9-10 PM The Walking Dead (AMC) Returns from Hiatus Feb 25
9-10 PM Counterpart (Starz) NEW SERIES Series Premiere Jan 21
9:30-10 PM The Last Man on Earth (FOX) Returns from Hiatus Jan 7
10-11 PM Timeless (NBC) Season 2 Premiere Mar 11


Altered Carbon (Netflix) NEW SERIES Premieres Feb 2
Britannia (Amazon) NEW SERIES Premieres Jan 26
The Cloverfield Paradox (Netflix) NEW SERIES Premieres Feb 4
Devilman Crybaby (Netflix) NEW SERIES Premieres Jan 5
Godzilla Planet of the Monsters (Netflix) Movie Premieres Jan 17
Hard Sun (Hulu) NEW SERIES Premieres Mar 7
Jessica Jones (Netflix) Season 3 Premiere Mar 8
The Man in the High Castle (Amazon) Season 3 Premieres Early 2018
Philip K Dicks Electric Dreams (Amazon) NEW SERIES Premieres Jan 12
A Series of Unfortunate Events (Netflix) Season 2 Premiere Mar 30
Stargate: Origins (SGC) NEW SERIES Premieres Feb 15
Star Trek Discovery (CBSA) Returns from Hiatus Jan 7
The Tick (Amazon) Returns from Hiatus Feb 23

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Not Scheduled Yet

The 100 (CW), The Crossing (ABC), iZombie (CW), Krypton (Syfy), The Originals (CW), Reverie (NBC), Timeless (NBC)

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