Sci Fi TV Schedule

Fall 2017 Schedule for Sci Fi & Fantasy Shows:

This is the schedule for the Fall 2017 sci fi & fantasy shows airing on the broadcast networks, cable channels, and streaming services.  You can see the Summer schedule of sci fi and fantasy shows at this link and you can keep up with the weekly listings at this link.  And be sure to follow my column This Week in Sci Fi TV for the latest news and updates as well the Sci Fi TV Twitter Site for daily reminders of what is airing as well as breaking news.  And also be sure to follow my Sci Fi TV Status Report for the renewal / cancellation prospects of your favorite shows.  Note that premiere/return dates are subject to change with little or no notice.

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8-9 PM Supergirl (CW) Season 3 Premiere Oct 9
8-9 PM Lucifer (FOX) (New Timeslot) Season 3 Premiere Oct 2
8:30-9:00 PM Star Wars Rebels (DXD) Season 4 Premieres Oct 16
9-10 PM The Gifted (FOX) NEW SERIES Premieres Oct 2


8-9 PM The Flash (CW) Season 4 Premiere Oct 10
9-10 PM Legends of Tomorrow (CW) Season 3 Premiere Oct 10
10-11 PM Kevin Probably Saves the World (ABC) NEW SERIES Premieres Oct 3
10-11 PM American Horror Story (FX) Season 7 Premiere Sep 5


8-9 PM The Librarians (TNT) Season 4 Premiere Dec 20
10-11 PM Stan Against Evil (IFX) Season 2 Premiere Nov 1
10-11 PM The Shannara Chronicles (Spike) Season 2 Premiere Oct 11
10-11 PM Channel Zero (Syfy) Season 2 Premiere Sep 20
10-11 PM Happy (Syfy) NEW SERIES Premieres Dec 6
10-11 PM Mr Robot (USA) Season 3 Premiere Oct 11


8-9 PM Supernatural (CW) Season 13 Premiere Oct 12
8-9 PM Gotham (FOX) (New Timeslot) Season 4 Premiere Sep 21
8:30-9 PM The Good Place (NBC) Season 2 Premiere Sep 20 (Timeslot Premiere Sep 28)
9-10 PM Arrow (CW) (New Timeslot) Season 6 Premiere Oct 12
9-10 PM The Orville (FOX) NEW SERIES Premieres Sep 10 (Timeslot Premiere Sep 28)
9-10 PM Van Helsing (Syfy) Season 2 Premieres Oct 5
10-11 PM Ghost Wars (Syfy) NEW SERIES Premieres Oct 5


8-9 PM Once Upon A Time (ABC) (New Timeslot) Season 7 Premiere Oct 6
8-9 PM MacGyver (CBS) Season 2 Premiere Sep 29
9-10 PM The Inhumans (ABC) NEW SERIES Premieres Sep 29
9-10 PM Agents of SHIELD (ABC) (New Timeslot) Late Fall Start
9-10 PM The Exorcist (FOX) Season 2 Premiere Sep 29
9-10 PM Z Nation (Syfy) Season 2 Premiere Sep 29
10-11 PM Superstition (Syfy) NEW SERIES Premieres Oct 20


9-10 PM Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency (BBCA) Season 2 Premieres Oct 14


8:30-9 PM Ghosted (FOX) NEW SERIES Premieres Oct 1
9:30-10 PM The Last Man on Earth (FOX) Season 4 Premiere Oct 1
9-10 PM Fear the Walking Dead (AMC) Season Finale Oct 15
9-10 PM The Walking Dead (AMC) Season 8 Premierre Oct 22
9-10 PM Extinct (BYU) NEW SERIES Series Premiere Oct 1
9-10 PM Outlander (Starz) Season 3 Premiere Sep 10

Streaming Premieres

Dark (Netflix) NEW SERIES Premieres Dec 1
Freakish (Hulu) Season 2 Premiere Oct 18
Future Man (Hulu) NEW SERIES Premieres Nov 14
The Man in the High Castle (Amazon) Season 3 Premiere Moved to 2018
Missions (Shudder) NEW SERIES Premieres Sep 28
The Punisher (Netflix) NEW SERIES Premieres Nov 17
Runaways (Hulu) NEW SERIES Premieres Nov 21
Star Trek Discovery (CBSA) NEW SERIES Premieres Sep 24
Stranger Things (Netflix) Season 2 Premiere Oct 27

You can see the complete list of streaming shows at this link

Mid-Season Start (or Later)

The 100 (CW), Black Lightning (CW), The Crossing (ABC), iZombie (CW), The Originals (CW), Reverie (NBC), Timeless (NBC), The X-Files (FOX)