Which of These Upcoming Sci Fi TV Shows Is Fake? Graffiti-Artist King Arthur, Rock-Star Exorcist, or Blood-Fueled Cars

By | September 20, 2016


These are highly illogical

The Fall 2016 season is upon us, bringing over 40 sci fi & fantasy TV shows (find out how to keep up with all of those at this link), and there are still a lot more waiting in the wings for mid-season or in the development pipeline. With that many shows upcoming and in the works, there are some pretty crazy concepts getting tossed around that will leave you scratching your head and saying “what the hell are the network executives thinking?” (Even more than usual, that is) To prove this, take a look at the descriptions of the three shows below, two of which are really on the upcoming schedule or in development while the third I just made up. Read the descriptions then and cast your vote on which one you think is the fake show, and no fair Googling. Our Massive List of Currently Airing, Returning, and Upcoming Shows will not necessarily help you either because I slipped a couple of joke entries into the latest edition of that list and it does not have the shows that are only in the development stage. So cast your vote and feel free to chime in with your comments below (the obvious being: why are they working on these instead of bringing back Firefly or Constantine or Stargate or something that sci fi fans really want).

Poll Closed.  Here are the results:

Eraser’s Edge: Part-time race car driver, part-time nuclear physicist, part-time rock singer and full-time supernatural eradicator, Malcom “Eraser” Michael discovers he may be the chosen one to lead the battle against a sinister cabal trying to take control of the world with the help of ancient and powerful supernatural beings. Or are they actually aliens from another dimension?  Source: My own demented imagination

Fake: (45% of Votes) Yes, my Buckaroo Banzai meets The X-Files meets Supernatural idea was indeed the fake one, but while it got the most votes, over half thought the other two were the fake shows.  On the bright side, FX has invited me to come in for a pitch meeting . . .

Blood Drive: This will be “a high-octane, over-the-top scripted series set in a near-apocalyptic future that centers around LA’s last good cop who is forced to join a twisted, gory cross-country death race–with cars powered by blood and a dangerous femme fatale partner who sees people as fuel.”  Source: Deadline Hollywood

Real: (35% of Votes) This show was leading the poll early on and still got 35% of the votes.  But this grindhouse, Deathrace 2000-like series is already a reality and will be hitting Syfy’s schedule in early 2017.

Camelot: This series “reimagines the legendary stories of King Arthur in a police procedural. When an ancient magic reawakens in modern day Manhattan, a graffiti artist named Art must team with his best friend Lance and his ex, Gwen–an idealistic cop–in order to realize his destiny and fight back against the evil forces that threaten the city.”  Source: THR

Real: (18% of Votes) Receiving less that one fifth of the votes, apparently most readers didn’t even bat an eye over the possibility of a King Arthur cop show.  This one is currently in development with FOX and they will be considering it for their 2017-18 schedule.

Check back next week for the next poll.

Which is the fake show?

  • Eraser's Edge (46%, 23 Votes)
  • Blood Drive (36%, 18 Votes)
  • Camelot (18%, 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 51

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