The Caffeine Addict’s Guide To Peak TV Sci Fi – Fall 2017

By | September 15, 2017

Once upon a time, the Fall television season typically started the last week or so of September and you were lucky if you could pick out four or five shows of interest to sci fi and fantasy fans. That’s ancient history though with Peak TV running full speed ahead, and guess what? You’re already behind if you haven’t been paying attention to the schedule. Three shows started this last week with more coming in rapid-fire succession in just over a week. But that’s okay. Get your double-double expressichino macchiato in its recycled, recyclable cup and knuckle down because I’m taking you on a caffeine-infused, lightspeed tour of the Fall shows (41 and counting) that will get you prepped and wired because you’re going to need a lot of the java-juice if you are going to try and watch all of these shows (or even half) over the next few months.

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