Sci Fi / Fantasy TV Worth Watching: Killjoys

By | July 1, 2016

A common theme I hear these days from sci fi / fantasy fans is that there’s nothing good to watch on TV. Well, I’m calling BS on that because at last count I see that we are nearing one hundred sci fi / fantasy shows that are airing, returning, or coming up (check out the list at this link) and if you can’t find something you like among those, then you are trying not to like anything. Sure, the Too-Much-TV era has brought us plenty of mediocre to just plain bad shows, but it has also brought us plenty of good to great ones, many of which are having a hard time finding an audience.  And those are the ones that I am highlighting in this column.

killjoys-syfyWhat Is It? This series follows three space-faring bounty hunters (aka Killjoys) that take on missions to track down criminals in their system known as the Quad. And even though the Killjoys have sworn to take no political allegiances, they find themselves pulled into the power struggles among the various factions they must work with.

When Does It Air? Fridays, 9 PM EST on Syfy (Season 2 Premieres July 1st)

Can I Catch Up Online? Yes, the first season of the show (Dark Matter as well) is available on the site and for purchase at and iTunes.

Why Should I Watch It? The first season of this show delivered some good, interplanetary shoot-em-up fun, and it also gave us some interesting characters and decent storylines as well. While it veered into very familiar territory for sci fi shows at times, especially with its early episodes, the world-building and character development proved a strength for the show that elevated it above being just a space opera guilty pleasure. It offered more substance and depth than its companion series Dark Matter which airs in the 10 PM EST timeslot (though that one has its own charms as well), and could turn into a notable genre entry if it taps into the potential it demonstrated in its first year.  Unfortunately, though, not too many people tuned in based on its low ratings, despite the fact that sci fi fans have been clamoring for a good, spaced-based show for years (the same low ratings are true for Dark Matter as well as The Expanse which aired in Winter).  Killjoys is definitely worth checking out and Dark Matter is a decent show as well and both deserve higher viewership than they have been getting.  Fans have long lamented the loss of the BSG and Stargate franchises, but these two could develop into their successors if given enough support.

Be sure to follow the season to date ratings and cancellation / renewal status for Killjoys and Dark Matter at

Killjoys Season 2 Trailer:

Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer:

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