March Guide to Sci Fi and Fantasy TV Premieres and Returns

By | March 1, 2017

Mid-Season continues to roll along and will be bringing us several more sci fi and fantasy shows in March. The Spring season (which starts in April) will bring even more (you can get a preview of that here), but this month has some notable shows joining the schedule as well. Below is the rundown of the premieres for the month and you can keep up with the weekly listings for sci fi TV at this link.

Sunday, March 5th

Making History – Series Premiere

  • Airs: FOX, 8:30 PM EST
  • About: From executive producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Son of ZornThe Last Man on Earth), this comedy follows three people traveling to different points in time in order to change the past and improve the present.

Time After Time – Series Premiere

  • Airs: ABC, 9 PM EST
  • About: Based on the book and movie of the same name, Jack the Ripper steals H.G. Wells’ time machine and the author must pursue the killer into the future.

Also on March 5th, Once Upon A Time (ABC, 8 PM EST) and The Last Man on Earth (FOX, 9:30 PM EST) return from their Winter hiatuses.

Saturday, March 11th

Guardians of the Galaxy – Season 2 Premiere

  • Airs: DXD, 9 PM EST
  • About: This animated spin-off from the movie and comics continues the adventures of the space-bound heroes.

Samurai Jack – Season 5 Premiere

  • Airs: Adult Swim, 11 PM EST
  • About: Jack is Back! After a ten year absence, Genndy Tartakovsky’s acclaimed animated series returns with a new season and the titular samurai continues his battle with the nefarious demon Aku.

Friday, March 17th

The Originals – Season 4 Premiere

  • Airs: The CW, 8 PM EST
  • About: In the fourth season of this Vampire Diaries spin-off, the original vampires face a dire prophesy that foretells their destruction.

Iron Fist – Series Premiere

  • Airs: Netflix, Streaming
  • About: The fourth solo entry in the Netflix Defenders series, this one focuses on the hero Iron Fist who possesses incredible martial arts skills as well as mystical abilities

Sunday, March 19th

Into the Badlands – Season 2 Premiere

  • Airs: AMC, 10 PM EST
  • About: In the second season of this post-apocalyptic martial arts series, Sunny heads into the Badlands determined to find his family while while the Widow expands her power-base with plans to challenge the other Barons


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