The Summer Schedule of Sci Fi / Fantasy Shows Includes Killjoys, Mr. Robot, Outcast, The Last Ship and More

By | May 26, 2016

Killjoys-SyfyBelieve it or not, June is less than a week away which means that we shift from the short, two-month Spring season to the Summer season and a whole new slate of sci fi / fantasy shows are queued up to kick off their runs starting from June. Below is the schedule for the Summer shows as its stands now, though I expect a few more shows to sneak on in the next month or so. The schedule is definitely lighter than last year with a lot fewer new entries, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The glut of genre shows has produced quite a number of mediocre outings and it is hard for fans to keep up with everything. This Summer’s slate should be a bit easier to tackle and there are some good shows returning over the next few months that genre fans should tune in for. Syfy’s Killjoys and Dark Matter showed promise last year, especially the former show. USA’s Mr. Robot (I’m giving in and calling it sci fi now) received plenty of accolades for its first season. TNT’s The Last Ship has turned into a pretty good series and one that sci fi fans should be paying attention to. Among the new entries, Robert Kirkman’s Outcast looks worth checking out and Braindead could be fun (though don’t get attached to any CBS shows because they love to cancel sci fi entries). And there are several more shows of interest beyond those that should definitely keep viewers busy during the hot months of the year. The schedule also includes the carry-overs from the Spring season with their season finale dates (some of those are tentative) making for a healthy amount of sci fi TV (though maybe not the overload of last year) airing during a time that once had very little in the way of genre offerings .

Following is the Summer schedule and this will also be posted at the main Sci Fi TV Schedule page as well where any updates will be added. And be sure to follow the weekly listings to know what is airing each week during the Summer.  Plus, you can get a sneak peak of the Fall 2016 schedule at this link.

Links below are to the shows’ pages on our partner site where I will be posting status updates and season to date ratings results once they begin airing.


9-10 PM 12 Monkeys (Syfy) Season Finale Jul 18th
10-11 PM Hunters (Syfy) Season Finale Jul 11th
10-11 PM Braindead (CBS) NEW SERIES Premieres Jun 13th


9-10 PM Zoo (CBS) Season 2 Premieres Jun 28
9-10 PM Containment (CW) Series Finale Jul 12th
10-11 PM Person of Interest (CBS) Series Finale Jun 21st
10-11 PM Scream (MTV) Season 2 Premieres May 31st


9-10 PM Wayward Pines (FOX) Season 2 Premieres May 25th
10-11 PM Mr. Robot (USA) Season 2 Premieres Jul 13th


9-10 PM Beauty and the Beast (CW) Season 4 Premieres Jun 2nd
10-11 PM Orphan Black (BBCA) Season Finale Jun 16th


9-10 PM Killjoys (Syfy) Season 2 Premieres Jul 1st
9-10 PM Dark Matter (Syfy) Season 2 Premieres Jul 1st
9-10 PM Wynonna Earp (Syfy) Season Finale Jun 24th
10-11 PM Outcast (CIN) NEW SERIES Premieres Jun 3rd


9-10 PM Outlander (Starz) Season Finale Jul 2nd


9-10 PM Fear the Walking Dead (AMC) Mid-Season Return TBD
9-10 PM Game of Thrones (HBO) Season Finale Jun 26th
9-10 PM The Last Ship (TNT) Season 3 Premieres Jun 12
10-11 PM Preacher (AMC) Season Finale Jul 31st
10-11 PM The Strain (FX) Season 3 Premieres Aug 28th
10-11 PM Penny Dreadful (Show) Season Finale Jun 19th


11-22-63 (Hulu)
Daredevil (Netflix)
Deadbeat (Hulu)
Jessica Jones (Netflix)
The Man in the High Castle (Amazon)
Powers (PSN) Season 2 Premieres May 31st
Stranger Things (Netflix) NEW SERIES Premieres Jul 15th
Thunderbirds of Go (Amazon)
Voltron Legendary Defender (Netflix) NEW SERIES Premieres Jun 10th

Undetermined or Later Starts

Humans (AMC) Season 2 Premiere TBD
Salem (WGN) Season 3 Premiere Pushed to Fall

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