The Massive List of Currently Airing, Returning, and Upcoming Sci Fi / Fantasy TV Shows – Spring 2016 Edition

By | March 28, 2016

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the-expanse-syfyThe Too-Much-TV era continues and that means lots and lots of science fiction and fantasy (plus horror) shows are airing across the broadcast networks, cable channels, and streaming services. This list has grown to 84 entries from the 78 last time time around, though I have left on the shows that were cancelled and/or ended since then for reference purposes (they will drop off with the next edition). The list will help you keep track of what’s on, what’s returning, and what’s coming up through Summer (based on the information available so far) and I even have one Fall entry on here as we now now the debut date of Netflix’s Luke Cage series. I give a brief description of each show below plus comments on their current renewal / cancellation prospects.  You can click on the show link to its page on our our partner site to get more information as well as the season to date ratings and most recent status updates.  You can see the Spring schedule of sci fi / fantasy shows at this link and you can follow what’s on each week with our Sci Fi TV Listings.  Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter (@SciFiTVSite) for the latest sci fi TV news and daily reminders of what is airing.  So go through this list and start checking off what you want to watch and get the dates (where available) on your calendar. Because their is a ton of sci fi / fantasy airing at the moment, and it is becoming a monumental task to keep track of it all.

The Massive List of Currently Airing, Returning, and Upcoming Sci Fi / Fantasy TV Shows – Spring 2016 Edition

The 100 (CW) Thu 9 PM, Airing 3rd Season (Renewed for a 4th)

About: A group of 100 wayward juveniles are sent to a nuclear war ravaged Earth from their refuge in space to determine if the planet is habitable once again.

Comments: The ratings for this show have remained low, but since it airs on The CW–aka the Happy Net–it got the renewal nod.

11-22-63 (Hulu) Streaming, Streaming 1st Season

About: Based on the Stephen King book of the same name, this mini-series follows a man who travels back in time to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Comments: This Hulu original mini-series is current streaming its eight part run, releasing one episode per week. I’ve seen no indication that this is intended to continue as an ongoing series

12 Monkeys12-monkeys-s2 (Syfy) Mon 9 PM, 2nd Season Premieres April 18th

About: Based on the Terry Gilliam movie of the same name, a man is sent back in time from a post-apocalyptic future to stop the outbreak of a virus that has wiped out most of humanity.

Comments: This one barely registered in the ratings during its first year, but Syfy has been typically giving shows at least two seasons to prove themselves of late. And this one did develop some decent buzz after its first season run.

Agent Carter (ABC) Tue 9 PM, Completed 2nd Season

About: This spin-off from the Avengers movies follows Agent Peggy Carter working for SHIELD’s predecessor Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) in post-WWII America.

Comments: The ratings for Agent Carter slipped even further in its second season than its first and series star Peggy Atwell is currently working on a pilot for ABC. But there are rumors that AC could still come back for a third season, or show up in a cross-over with Agents of SHIELD next year.

Agents of SHIELD (ABC) Tue 9 PM, Airing 3rd Season (Renewed for a 4th)

About: This spin-off from the Avengers movies follows the super-secret organization SHIELD which works to protect Earth from dangerous forces

Comments: Despite continued low ratings, this show received a fourth year pickup, though almost certainly because Disney wants to keep an Avengers tie-in on television. Next season, Agents of SHIELD could hand off that baton to the Marvel’s Most Wanted spin-off series currently in the works.

American Horror Story (FX) Wed 10 PM, 6th Season Airs Fall 2016

About: A season long horror anthology with a different story arc each year.

Comments: Once a powerhouse series, this one has slipped notably in the ratings the last couple of years. Its sixth season could be its last or maybe it will get one more to tie all its stories together because allegedly they are all linked.

Angel from Hell (CBS) N/A, Cancelled and Pulled from Schedule

About: In this supernatural comedy, Dr. Allison Fuller has a pesky woman named Amy intrude into her life claiming to be her guardian angel.

Comments: The numbers weren’t terrible for this show, but CBS must have been displeased because they yanked it after five episodes aired. Expect it to return at some point to burn off its remaining episodes before heading to the TV Wasteland.

Arrow (CW) Wed 8 PM, Airing 4th Season (Renewed for a 5th)

About: This series delivers a television adaptation of DC’s Green Arrow comic book character.

Comments: This show continues to anchor The CW’s Arrow-verse and likely has at least a couple more seasons in it if not more.

Ash vs Evil Dead (Starz) Sat 9 PM, 2nd Season Airs Fall 2016

About: The unstoppable Ash (still played by Bruce Campbell) is back and kicking butt on the Evil Dead again.

Comments: It has performed well for Starz and was renewed for a second season before its first episode even aired.

Beauty and the Beast (CW) Thu 8 PM, 4th (and Final) Season Airs Summer 2016

About: A police detective falls in love with a former soldier who has been turned into a “beast” by government bio-engineering.

Comments: After three years of low ratings, The CW finally decided they had enough of this series. But it does still have a final season coming in Summer of 2016.

Beowulf (Esquire) Sat 9 PM, Airing 1st Season

About: This series re-explores the life of the mythical literary figure Beowulf.

Comments: Word is that this import show’s parent network ITV has already cancelled it, though I have seen nothing official yet. It’s numbers from its run on Esquire in the States surely don’t justify a second season, though.

Between (Netflix) Streaming, 2nd Season Airs 2016

About: A virus kills everybody over the age of 21 in a small town and the survivors are left to fend for themselves when the government cordons off the area.

Comments: This Canadian-made Netflix original has not received much attention but it has been renewed for a second season on the streaming service.

Bitten (Syfy) Mon 11 PM, Airing 3rd (and Final) Season

About: Based on the Women of the Otherworld books by Kelley Armstrong, the series follows the last living female werewolf who is drawn back into the struggles of her people after trying to lead a “normal” life.

Comments: This series airs on the Space Channel in Canada and Syfy in the States and has developed a small but loyal following. It will be wrapping up with its third season

Colony (USA) Thu 10 PM, 2nd Season Airs Early 2017

About: A family must make difficult choices while living in a world under alien occupation.

Comments: This show from former Lost alums Carlton Cuse and Josh Holloway developed some decent buzz with its first season run and returns in 2017 for its second year.

Containmentcontainment-cw-cancelled (CW) Tue 9 PM, 1st Season Premieres April 19th

About: Atlanta is quarantined when a virus breaks out and the people in the city find themselves fighting for their lives.

Comments: This series has been shuffled to a late season debut which didn’t work out so well for The Messengers last year. It does have The Flash as its lead-in, so maybe that will help draw viewers to the show.

Damien (A&E) Mon 10 PM, Airing 1st Season

About: Acting as a continuation to 1976’s The Omen (and ignoring the feature film sequels), this series follows an adult Damien as he faces his unholy inheritance.

Comments: The ratings have been low for this one thus far, but international financing and/or partnerships may help it into a second season.

Daredevil (Netflix) Streaming, Streaming 2nd Season

About: Based on the Marvel comic book character, this series follows the superhero Daredevil who is blind but who’s other senses are heightened to extraordinary levels.

Comments: The second season has added The Punisher and Elektra to the mix, and Daredevil will be crossing over with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist in the upcoming Defenders team-up series (late 2017/early 2018).

Dark Matter (Syfy) TBD, 2nd Season Airs Summer 2016

About: Six people wake up on a starship with no memories of who they are or why they are there and they find themselves in the midst of a power struggle in their section of the Galaxy.

Comments: This series did not draw huge ratings for Syfy, but it is part of a partnership with the Canadian Space Channel and has been performing well up north. It will be returning for a second season in Summer 2016.

Deadbeat (Hulu) Streaming, 3rd Season Premieres April 20th

About: A slacker discovers that he has the power to talk with ghosts and he uses this to help the undead deal with unresolved issues from their lives.

Comments: This little-known, Hulu original supernatural comedy starring Tyler Labine has made its way through two seasons and currently has a third on the way.

Doctor Who (BBCA) Sat 9 PM, 10th Season Airs 2016/17

About: The long-lived Timelord known as The Doctor travels through time and space facing off against threats to Earth and other parts of the universe.

Comments: This long-running show has wrapped up the ninth season of its 21st century revival and is headed into a tenth.

The Expanse (Syfy) Tue 10 PM, 2nd Season Airs Fall 2016

About: Based on the series of novels by James S.A. Corey, this series follows the power struggles between Earth, Mars, and the settlers that have taken up residence in the Asteroid Belt.

Comments: The linear viewing for this show was low, but apparently the digital viewing has picked up the slack. And it likely has international financing backing it as well.

Fear the Walking Dead (AMC) Sun 9 PM, 2nd Season Premieres April 10th

About: This prequel series to The Walking Dead follows a group of survivors during the early days of the zombie virus outbreak.

Comments: It’s not quite the ratings juggernaut of its parent series, but its debut set a record for cable shows and its viewership last Summer was quite high considering the current ratings slump. This one should be a lock to stick around for at least a few more seasons.

The Flash (CW) Tue 8 PM, Airing 2nd Season (Renewed for a 3rd)

About: This spin-off from Arrow brings DC’s the Flash to television and expands on the Arrow-verse established in the parent series.

Comments: As expected, this show raced into a third season renewal. And a fourth season is all but guaranteed since that gets it into the syndication stretch, meaning that it has met the episode count that the syndication market prefers for an encore run.

From Dusk Till Dawn (El Rey) TBD, 3rd Season Airs 2016

About: Based on the feature film of the same name, a Texas Ranger chases down the notorious Gecko brothers and their hostages and stumbles upon a vampire conspiracy in a desert bar.

Comments: This original series on Robert Rodriguez’s fledgling El Rey network has not drawn high viewership but has worked its way through two seasons with a third on the way during the second half of 2016.

Galavant (ABC) Sun 8 PM, Completed 2nd Season

About: This fantasy musical/comedy follows the dashing knight Galavant who tries to take revenge on the evil King Richard for stealing the love of his life.

Comments: This low-rated series defied all odds by getting renewed last year, but then its numbers slipped to historically low levels in its second season. Getting a third year would almost certainly count as a happily ever after.

Game of Thronesgame-of-thrones-s6 (HBO) Sun 9 PM, 6th Season Premieres April 24th

About: Based on George R.R. Martins Song of Ice and Fire books, this adult fantasy series follows the power struggles in the land of Westeros.

Comments: This show has been second to only The Walking Dead in its ratings success among genre shows and looks like it will easily coast through the 8+ seasons planned to tell its tale. Now, if only Mr. Martin can finish up the books . . .

Gotham (FOX) Mon 8 PM, Airing 2nd Season (Renewed for a 3rd)

About: This Batman prequel series follows a younger Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon before they assume their iconic roles from the comics.

Comments: This show’s numbers slipped notably year over year, but at least in line with the overall ratings slump the broadcast networks are seeing of late. And its third season renewal gets it into the syndication stretch–meaning that it is within reach of meeting the episode count that the syndication market prefers for an encore run–and all but guarantees it a fourth season.

Grimm (NBC) Fri 9 PM, Airing 5th Season

About: Police detective Nick Burkhardt finds out he is one of a long line Grimms that protects humanity from the creatures of mythology known as Wesens.

Comments: This show is currently at all-time lows with its ratings, but it could survive due to the current renewal fever infecting the broadcast networks, especially since it plugs up an hour on low viewership Fridays.

Guardians of the Galaxy (DXD) Sat 9 PM, 2nd Season Airs Fall 2016

About: This animated spin-off from the movie and comics continues the adventures of the space-bound heroes

Comments: It has performed well for an animated series and also has plenty of the requisite merchandising tie-ins. It should stick around for a few years.

Heroes Reborn (NBC) Cancelled After 1st Season

About: This revival series picks up five years after the original show ended and brings in new heroes along with some familiar faces.

Comments: The nostalgia for the original show was not as strong as NBC might have hoped and this one got the ax after only one revival season. In retrospect, its numbers weren’t that bad considering the overall slump, so you have to wonder if the network might be re-thinking the cancellation.

Houdini and Doyle (FOX) Mon 9 PM, 1st Season Premieres May 2nd

About: Infamous escape artist Harry Houdini teams up with author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to investigate X-Files type mysteries at the turn of the century.

Comments: Consider the prospects for this one up in the air due to its late season start and rather off the wall premise.

Humans (AMC) TBD, 2nd Season Airs Summer 2016

About: Androids known as “synths” have become commonplace and work in servile roles for humans. But one group is expanding beyond their original purpose and becoming self-aware.

Comments: This co-production between AMC and the British Channel One pulled only moderate ratings in the States but performed very well overseas. It is currently in production on its second season which will air Summer 2016.

Hunters (Syfy) Mon 10 PM, 1st Season Premieres April 11th

About: Based on the Whitley Strieber novel Alien Hunter, this series follows a secret government organization hunting what they believe are aliens.

Comments: This show will continue Syfy’s return to more science fiction oriented scripted programming and should pair up well on Mondays with 12 Monkeys.

Into the Badlands (AMC) Sun 10 PM, 2nd Season Airs Early 2017

About: In this martial arts drama, Sunny is the regent and protector of one of the seven barons that holds power in a post-apocalyptic world.

Comments: This one performed especially well with The Walking Dead as its lead-in and still managed to post decent ratings when it flew solo and it could stick around for a few years.

iZombie (CW) Tue 9 PM, Airing 2nd Season (Renewed for a 3rd)

About: Olivia “Liv” Moore is part zombie and receives flashbacks when she eats the brains of the corpses at the morgue where she works. She uses this knowledge to solve crimes.

Comments: Despite low ratings and losing a large chunk of its lead-in audience from The Flash, this show will survive into a third season because it airs on the renewal-happy fifth place network.

Jessica Jones (Netflix) Streaming, 2nd Season Streams in 2017

About: Based on the Marvel comic book character, this follows a former superhero who now works as a private investigator.

Comments: This is part of Netflix’s Defenders series and Jessica Jones will recur in the other entries in that series (Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders) and return for a second season of her own show at some point in 2017.

KilljoysKilljoys-Syfy (Syfy) TBD, 2nd Season Airs Summer 2016

About: This show follows a group of interplanetary bounty hunters known as Killjoys who try to do their jobs and remain impartial amidst the ongoing power struggles in their system.

Comments: Like Dark Matter, this show is produced through a partnership between Syfy and the Canadian Space Channel. Its U.S. numbers were low in its first season but it still got renewed for a second which will air in Summer 2016.

The Last Man on Earth (FOX) Sun 9 PM, Airing 2nd Season (Renewed for a 3rd)

About: A small group of people have survived a plague that has wiped out most of humanity. But can they survive living with each other?

Comments: This sci fi comedy started with decent ratings, but saw those drop off pretty quickly and remain low in its second season. But the current renewal fever infecting the broadcast nets has saved it and this one will be coming back for a third year.

The Last Ship (TNT) Sun 9 PM, 3rd Season Airs Summer 2016

About: After a virus wipes out most of humanity, the USS Nathan James is the last surviving U.S. naval ship and it carries the cure and the hopes for rebuilding civilization.

Comments: This TNT Summer entry has performed well for its network in its first two years and returns for a third in Summer 2016.

The Leftovers (HBO) Sun 10 PM, 3rd (and Final) Season Airs Fall 2016

About: People mysteriously disappear across the planet and the survivors must deal with the repurcussions and implications of this global event.

Comments: This show pulled mediocre to low numbers throughout its first two years, but HBO saw fit to give it a third and final season to wrap up its storylines. That will air in Fall 2016.

Legends of Tomorrow (CW) TBD, Airing 1st Season (Renewed for a 2nd)

About: This spin-off from Arrow and The Flash finds time traveller Rip Hunter recruiting a diverse group of superheroes and villains to stop an immortal being that threatens the future.

Comments: This highly anticipated expansion on the Arrow-verse has done well in the ratings and will return next season to continue and team up characters from the DC Universe (and hopefully bring Constantine into the mix).

The Librarians (TNT) Sun 8 PM, 3rd Season Airs Fall 2016

About: The Librarians stand watch over the Library which houses many powerful mythical/supernatural artifacts.

Comments: While this one is not a huge ratings gainer on Sunday nights, it has developed a loyal following and it has done well enough for TNT against stiff competition to earn a third season.

Limitless (CBS) Tue 10 PM, Airing 1st Season

About: Based on the feature film of the same name which starred Bradley Cooper, a drug called NZT-48 expands a man’s brain capacity and he uses this to help solve crimes.

Comments: This show was pulling decent numbers during the first half of the season, but saw its numbers drop when CBS started its scheduling hi jinks of preemptions and repeats. But with the current renewal fever infecting the broadcast nets, it still has a chance of returning for a second season.

Lost Girl (Syfy) Ended

About: This series focuses on a succubus named Bo who has steered clear of others of her ilk but finds herself drawn into the power struggles of the supernatural and mythological creatures that have a secret existence in our world.

Comments: This show has had a respected run and just wrapped up its fifth and final season.

Lucifer (FOX) Mon 9 PM, Airing 1st Season

About: Based on the DC/Vertigo comic of the same name, Lucifer gets bored with Hell and decides to take up residence in–where else?–Los Angeles.

Comments: This show started strong with The X-Files as it lead-in, but has seen its numbers drop considerably since then. It still has a chance at earning a second season, though, due to the renewal fever infecting the broadcast nets of late.

Luke Cage (Netflix) Streaming, 1st Season Premieres Sept 30th

About: This series is based on the Marvel comic book character who receives incredible strength and unbreakable skin from a scientific experiment.

Comments: This will be the third entry in Netflix’s Defenders series which also includes Daredevil, and Jessica Jones as well as the upcoming Iron Fist and team-up series.

The Magicians (Syfy) Mon 10 PM, Airing 1st Season (Renewed for a 2nd)

About: Based on the Lev Grossman novel of the same name, this series follows a young man who attends a college of magic in the modern world.

Comments: The ratings have not been spectacular for this show, but it has developed some decent buzz in its first season and Syfy has renewed it for a second year.

The Man in the High Castleman-in-the-high-castle-amazon (Amazon) Streaming, 2nd Season Airs 2016

About: Based on the Phillip K. Dick book of the same name about an alternate timeline where the Axis powers won WWII and split up the United States in a joint occupation.

Comments: In its first season, this was Amazon’s most streamed original series ever. A second season is on the way at the end of 2016.

Minority Report (FOX) Mon 9 PM, 1st Season Completed

About: This sequel to the feature film of the same name (which was based on a Phillip K. Dick story) follows the PreCogs from the movie after the Precrime division was disbanded.

Comments: This show counted as a definite flop for FOX and its episode order was cut from thirteen to ten which essentially acts as a de facto cancellation.

Olympus (Syfy) Assumed Cancelled

About: This show follows Hero from Greek mythology as he must face off against the gods and other supernatural beings.

Comments: There has been no official cancellation announcement, but it has been a year since its first season debuted. This one barely registered in the ratings in its first season on Syfy, so that network probably has little interest in bringing it back. There’s a slight chance its Canadian home, the Super Channel, could bring it back, but the window is likely almost closed on that.

Once Upon A Time (ABC) Sun 8 PM, Airing 5th Season (Renewed for a 6th)

About: The small town of Storybrooke is the modern day home of many characters from fairy tales and mythology.

Comments: It received its sixth season renewal, but this one certainly seems to be running out of steam ratings-wise. It’s possible that they will use next season to wrap up its storylines before heading off to a happily ever after in syndication.

The Originals (CW) Fri 8 PM, Airing 3rd Season (Renewed for a 4th)

About: In this spin-off from Vampire Diaries, the original vampires find themselves in a power struggle with opposing vampire clans, werewolves, witches, and more.

Comments: The fourth season renewal for this show was expected because that gets it to the episode count sufficient for a syndicaton run (where shows really turn a profit). There’s a chance that next year could be its last, though, based on its ratings declines.

Orphan Black (BBCA) Sat 10 PM, 4th Season Premieres April 14th

About: A woman finds that she is one of several clones and is drawn into a conspiracy involvong the reason she and her sisters were created.

Comments: This acclaimed series has been going strong for three years now and returns with its fourth season in April.

Outcast (Cinemax) Fri 10 PM, 1st Season Premieres June 3rd (Renewed for a 2nd)

About: A man tries to discover why people close to him have been the victims of demonic possession. This series is based on the comic book of the same name by Robert Kirkman (creator of The Walking Dead).

Comments: There is plenty of anticipation around this show and the fact that it airs on Cinemax means that it can really push the boundaries of television (which Kirkman has already been doing for years now with TWD). And this show has already been renewed for a second season, so he has time to plan out the stories.

Outlander (Starz) Sat 9 PM, 2nd Season Premieres April 9th

About: A nurse from 1945 is drawn back in time to 1743 Scotland where she becomes involved with the power struggles of that age.

Comments: This well-respected fantasy/soap opera performed decent for Starz in its first year and returns for its second season in April.

Penny Dreadful (SHOW) Sun 10 PM, 3rd Season Premieres May 1st

About: An explorer, a gunslinger, and a medium deal with supernatural characters inspired by famouse works of fiction such as Frankenstein, Dracula, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Comments: This supernatural drama has not garnered high ratings but it has received a fair amount of accolades and recognition. It returns for its third season in May.

Person of Interest (CBS) Mon 10 PM & Tue 10 PM, 5th (and Final) Season Premieres May 3rd

About: A supercomputer created to predict terrorist activity can also detect threats to normal citizens. Its creator secretly uses that information to help people in danger.

Comments: As expected, CBS announced this show’s fifth season as its last. But it has had a decent run and will have a chance to go out on its own terms since the producers knew the end was in sight.

Powers (Play Station) Streaming, 2nd Season Premieres May 31st

About: Based on the comic book of the same name, this show follows a special police force that monitors the activities of superpowered humans.

Comments: This is the PlayStation Network’s first stab at scripted programming and it will be returning late May with its second season.

The Preacherpreacher-amc-cancelled (AMC) Sun 10 PM, 1st Season Premieres May 22nd

About: Based on the DC/Vertigo comic of the same name, a preacher finds himself possessed by a supernatural power and he sets off on a journey to find God.

Comments: This highly anticipated series based on the beloved comic book will have Fear the Walking Dead as its lead-in which should help boost its audience.

Salem (WGN) TBD, 3rd Season Airs Spring/Summer 2016

About: This supernatural series focuses on the events from the titular 17th century Massachusetts town that led to the infamous witch trials.

Comments: This WGN scripted original has barely registered in the ratings but apparently has international financing to help keep it afloat. It returns with its third season likely in the first half of 2016.

Saving Hope (ION) Tue 11 PM, 5th Season Airs Fall 2016

About: A doctor at Hope Zion Hospital (played by Stargate: SG-1 alum Michael Shanks) falls into a coma but he can see an talk to the spirits of other comatose patients as well as the deceased.

Comments: NBC dropped this one after one low-rated Summer run, but Canadian CTV kept it going and now ION is partnering on the show. That US network is currently airing the show’s first four seasons on Tuesday evenings as a run-up to the debut of its fifth year in Fall of 2016.

Scream (MTV) Tue 10 PM, 2nd Season Premieres May 31st

About: A continuation of the feature film franchise of the same name, this show follows another series of murders in the town of Lakewood.

Comments: It did not draw huge ratings in its first season, but performed well enough with MTV’s target audience to get a second season which will debut in May.

Scream Queens (FOX) Tue 9 PM, 2nd Season Airs Fall 2016

About: The first year of this season-long horror anthology series followed a series of murders on a college campus.

Comments: This highly anticipated show from the creators of American Horror Story generated pretty tepid ratings but demonstrated “stickiness” across the social nets and FOX has decided to bring it back for a second season.

Second Chance (FOX) Fri 9 PM, 1st Season Completed

About: A disgraced police officer is brought back from the dead Frankenstein-like and finds that he has a second chance at life.

Comments: This show went through two name changes (previously The Frankenstein Code and then Lookinglass) in production and also had its episode order cut from 13 to 11. It bowed to low ratings and quickly got shuffled to Friday nights where it is burning off its episodes before likely getting sent to the TV Wasteland.

Sense8 (Netflix) Streaming, 2nd Season Streams 2016

About: Eight people across the world find themselves telepathically linked and also in danger from a group who sees them as a threat.

Comments: The Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski teamed up on this Netflix original which has received mixed (often polarizing) reactions from critics and viewers. But it has received a second season order which will stream at some point in 2016.

Shadowhunters (Freeform) Tue 9 PM, Airing 1st Season (Renewed for a 2nd)

About: This is based on The Mortal Instruments series of books by Cassandra Clare about a group of demon hunters.

Comments: This series perfromed well enough for Freeform (formerly ABC Family) to receive a pickup for a second season.

The Shannara Chronicles (MTV) Tue 10 PM, 1st Season Completed

About: Based on the Shannara series of books by Terry Brooks, it follows a group of humans, elves, and other fantasy creatures who must work together to protect the Four Lands from the threat of the Demon World.

Comments: The ratings for this show’s first season were not great, especially considering that it was likely an expensive show to produce. But it almost certainly has international financing / partnerships that could help carry it into a second season.

SlasherSlasher_Chiller_Cancelled (Chiller) Fri 9 PM, Airing 1st Season

About: This is a season-long horror anthology series (following the same format as American Horror Story) that offers up a different psycho-killer each year.

Comments: The ratings have not been great for this one thus far, but that’s to be expected because of the network it airs on. Chiller is producing it in partnership with the Candian Super Channel which will likely help carry it into a second season.

Sleepy Hollow (FOX) Fri 9 PM, Airing 3rd Seasons

About: Ichabod Crane is revived in the modern world to do battle with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Comments: This show barely averted cancellation after its second season but has returned to even lower ratings. FOX has since shuffled it off to Fridays where its numbers remain low.  Whether this one will be swept up in the current season’s renewal fever remains to be seen.

Star Wars Rebels (DXD) Wed 9 PM, Airing 2nd Season (Renewed for a 3rd)

About: In this animated series, a group of rebels fights against the Empire in the time between the events of the Episode III and Episode IV movies.

Comments: This show was renewed for a third season as expected and will likely stick around as long as its merchandising and licensing tie-ins remain profitable.

Stitchers (Freeform) Tue 10 PM, Airing 2nd Season

About: A woman finds that she has the ability to be “stitched” into the minds of people who have recently died and uses this to investigate their deaths.

Comments: This show pulled pretty low ratings in its first season and has returned to even lower levels in its second year. So its chances of making a third season do not look good at the moment unless it has significant international financing / partnerships backing it.

The Strain (FX) Sun 10 PM, 3rd Season Airs Summer 2016

About: Based on the novels by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, this show follows a group of people trying to keep a vampire plague from spreading across the world.

Comments: This blend of science fiction and the supernatural initially pulled decent ratings for FX, but it dropped notably in its second year. It still got a third season pickup, though, which will air in Summer 2016.

Stranger Things (Netflix) Streaming, 1st Season Premieres July 15th

About: This supernatural series set in the 1980’s stars Winona Ryder and centers around a boy that mysteriously disappears.

Comments: There’s not a lot of information available about this one yet, but Ryder’s presence in the lead role should definitely draw some attention to the show.

Supergirl (CBS) Mon 8 PM, Airing 1st Season

About: This series brings the DC comics character of Supergirl to the small screen.

Comments: It debuted to very good numbers, but has since seen its ratings drop off notably. But it still has a decent chance of surviving into a second season because of the renewal fever that has infected the broadcast nets of late.

Supernatural (CW) Wed 9 PM, Airing 11th Season (Renewed for a 12th)

About: Sam and Dean Winchester are hunters doing battle with supernatural forces that threaten humanity.

Comments: This one has set the longevity record for U.S. genre shows, leaving Stargate: SG-1 and Smallville in the rear view mirror at ten seasons each. And who knows, at its current rate, Supernatural may keep going for 20 seasons or more!

Teen Wolf (MTV) Tue 9 PM, 5th Season Premieres Jan 5th

About: This more dramatic take on the 80’s feature film comedy follows a teenage boy who gets bit by a wolf and drawn into the world of supernatural creatures.

Comments: This show remains popular with MTV’s target audience and and will return for its sixth season later this year or early 2017.

Vampire Diaries (CW) Fri 8 PM, Airing 7th Season (Renewed for an 8th)

About: Teenager Elena becomes involved with two vampire brothers, one of which denies his nature the other of which embraces it.

Comments: Once the flagship show of the younger-skewing CW network, this one has since grown long in the tooth (no apologies for the pun) and has lost much of its audience. I’m thinking at this point that its upcoming eighth season will be its last.

The Walking Dead (AMC) Sun 9 PM, Airing 6th Season (Renewed for a 7th)

About: Based on the comic book series of the same name, Rick Grimes leads a group of survivors in the zombie-pocalypse and he must make hard choices to keep his people alive.

Comments: Currently the top rated scripted show on all of television, this one is a powerhouse in its sixth season and will likely remain so for several more years to come.

Wayward Pines (FOX) Wed 9 PM, 2nd Season Premieres May 25th

About: After an accident, a federal agent finds himself trapped in the mysterious town of Wayward Pines from which there appears to be no escape.

Comments: This show pulled decent ratings for a Summer entry, and after mulling it over for several months FOX finally decided to greenlight it for a second season which premieres in late May.

Wynonna Earpwynonna-earp-syfy-cancelled (Syfy) Fri 10 PM, 1st Season Premieres April 1st

About: This supernatural / western show is based on the comic book of the same name about the titular character (a descendent of Wyatt Earp) heading up a special unit known as the Monster Squad.

Comments: Though it seems like an odd entry for Syfy, especially with their re-focusing toward science fiction, the comic book has earned some good buzz and this show could be worth a look.

The X-Files (FOX) Sun 9 PM, Completed 1st Season

About: Mulder and Sculley are back in this revival series that promises to answer questions left hanging by the original show (and possibly also set up X-Files: The Next Generation).

Comments: This “limited run” event series ended on a pretty big cliffhanger indicating that FOX planned on it coming back all along. There is no official word yet, but the ratings definitely justify bringing it back for a second season.

You Me and the Apocalypse (NBC) Thu 8 PM, Airing 1st Season

About: This apocalyptic comedy follows a group of people dealing with the reality that a comet is on a cataclysmic collision course with Earth.

Comments: This one started out with low ratings and has since dropped to historically low levels for a Big Four broadcast network show. It comes as a partnership with the British Sky channel and could still survive there, but it will almost certainly not return to NBC next year.

Z Nation (Syfy) TBD, 3rd Season Airs Fall 2016

About: In a world overridden by zombies, one man survived bites from the undead and may be the key to saving humanity.

Comments: The numbers for this show slipped in its second year, but it still did well enough for a Syfy entry and will be returning for a third season in Fall 2016.

Zoo (CBS) TBD, 2nd Season Airs Summer 2016

About: A group of specialists is pulled together to investigate aggressive animal behavior which is occurring throughout the world.

Comments: This one did not count as a huge ratings success, but it did well enough for a Summer series and CBS decided to give it a second season which will air in Summer 2016.

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