Sci Fi TV Week in Review: Westworld Gets Renewed, Lost Doctor Who Episode Gets Restored, And More

By | November 19, 2016

westworld-hboHBO announced this week that their new series Westworld will be returning for a second season. That show had its bow early last month and has pulled decent ratings for a cable series and has also been well received by fans and critics. The first season was very expensive, though, and has not pulled viewership anywhere near the levels that HBO’s Game of Thrones has seen. But its delayed viewing numbers have been strong, which factor in more heavily for the pay channels because they do not have sponsors running commercials during the live broadcast. And early indications are that the show is pulling in a sizable audience from the HBO NOW and HBO GO streaming services as well. This is also a very high-profile project and it is likely that the second season renewal was pretty much assumed from the start barring a total ratings collapse. The second season–which will be ten episodes–will take some time to complete and it will air in either Fall 2017 or early 2018 according to the network’s programming president.  You can read the full article at this link.

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