Sci Fi TV Schedules: NBC Holds Midnight Texas and More to Mid-Season, FOX Puts The Exorcist on Fridays and Does Not Include The X-Files Yet

By | May 16, 2016

The Upfronts are here and the broadcast nets are releasing their schedules for the 2016-17.  NBC and FOX have their presentation today, and below is the info on the sci fi / fantasy entries they have in their upcoming lineup.  ABC presents tomorrow followed by CBS on Wednesday and The CW on Thursday.  As they release their schedules, we will pass along that info as well. You can see descriptions of the new shows for the upcoming season at this link.


midnight-texas-nbcThe peacock net ordered four new genre shows and has one returning, but only two of those five are currently on the Fall schedule. New series Timeless will get the coveted Monday 10 PM EST timeslot with The Voice as its lead-in and Grimm will return to its regular Friday 9 PM EST hour. Apparently held until mid-season are supernatural soap-opera Midnight Texas, Wizard of Oz re-imagining Emerald City, and superhero comedy Powerless.

Interestingly, this is the second time that an Eric Kripke production has received the Voice lead-out timeslot on Mondays. Revolution debuted in that hour in 2012 and drew strong numbers initially, but slipped notably by season end. It was moved to the Wednesday 8 PM timeslot in its second year where it languished before getting cancelled. Mr. Kripke will have to hope things work out better for his show this year (of note, this season’s hit post-The Voice drama Blindspot gets moved to Wednesdays next season).

As for Grimm, I had previously heard that one may not hit the schedule until mid-season and that it currently only has a thirteen-episode order for its sixth (and possibly last) season. I don’t know if this is just a schedule plug at this point, or if the network changed plans. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see some shifts in this lineup before Fall rolls around.


x-files-revival-2016This net has quite a number of new and returning genre entries, and it is spreading those across its Fall and Mid-Season lineups (FOX released a tentative mid-year schedule unlike NBC).  For Fall, Gotham and Lucifer will continue to pair up on Mondays at 8 PM and 9 PM EST respectively, though that can hardly be called a powerhouse lineup based on the ratings declines they saw in late Spring.  Scream Queens returns to the Tuesday 9 PM EST timeslot where it failed to draw many viewers last Fall.  And new series The Exorcist gets the dubious Friday 9 PM EST hour.  Perhaps they are targeting the same audience that has been tuning in for NBC’s Grimm, but that’s going to be a tough slot for a new show to thrive in.  On Sundays, new animated / live-action series Son of Zorn will air in the post-Simpsons 8:30 PM EST slot while The Last Man on Earth remains in the post-Family Guy 9:30 PM EST slot.

At mid-season, Sleepy Hollow returns to its Friday 9 PM EST timeslot for what could be its final season.  And on Sundays, new time-travel comedy series Making History takes over the 8:30 PM EST timeslot from Son of Zorn.  I don’t know if that latter series is scheduled for a “limited run” only or if they plan on shifting it to whatever timeslot is available if it survives to mid-season.

Interestingly, there is no word on The X-Files yet.  I am assuming they are trying to work things out with the schedules of David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Chris Carter, and the rest, but there’s no way they can leave things hanging based on where this year’s revival series left off.  And since another season will likely be in the six episode range again, they shouldn’t have too much trouble fitting it into the schedule yet once they work out a deal (Update: It looks like it could get pushed to the 2017-18 season)

You can see the full NBC schedule at this link and the full FOX schedule at this link, and stay tuned for coverage of the other broadcast nets over the next few days.

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