Sci Fi TV Reboots That Should Happen: The Tomorrow People

By | May 5, 2016

Television reboots are all the rage mostly because the entertainment industry prefers name recognition over original ideas. But there are some properties that truly deserve a re-look because they didn’t quite achieve their goal the first time around or they were cut short.

The-Tomorrow-People-1970sWhat Is It? The original British series from the 1970’s followed a group of young people with telepathic and telekinetic powers that represent the next stage in evolution. This group would search for others of their kind and they also worked with the Galactic Federation that helps others like the Tomorrow People across the galaxy.

When Did It Originally Air? ITV, 1973-79, 8 Seasons Totaling 68 Episodes (It aired in syndication and on PBS in the United States)

Credits of Note: Creator – Roger Price, Actors – Nicholas Young, Elizabeth Adare, Peter Vaughan-Clarke, Margaret Burton Philip Gilbert

Where Did the Original Fail? A budget far too small for its more ambitious ideas along with stories that often pandered too heavily to the younger audience.

Why Reboot It? For those who don’t remember the original 70’s series from Britain, it was targeted at younger viewers and its budget was even smaller than classic Doctor Who. The special effects for this one could be painfully bad at times, and the stories weren’t necessarily the greatest either. But it did have a certain charm to it and an epic scope that never really came to fruition due to budget constraints. I know that The CW took a stab at this one a few years back, but their version was nothing more than yet another retread of the basic X-Men premise. The original Tomorrow People went there as well, but it also veered into space opera (which The CW version ignored), and that’s what the reboot should focus on. That’s where the original series showed it greatest potential but fell short due to too many limitations. Of course, the reboot could do some more budget-friendly Earth-based episodes, and mix in some space-based stories as well. But the combination of the two could kick it to that next level and make it a strong science fiction entry that finally succeeds at tapping into the possibilities of the original.

Did It Before: Series creator Roger Price did a complete reboot of The Tomorrow People in the 90’s with a new cast and with no ties to the original show. This one also dropped the Galactic Federation from the picture and delivered mostly Earth-based stories that were not as well received as the original series.

2 thoughts on “Sci Fi TV Reboots That Should Happen: The Tomorrow People

  1. Donna

    My husband and I watched the one that aired a couple of years back in the US but only lasted one season. I thought it had tons of potential, if it had not been laced with what seemed like hundreds of teeny boppers, yet we were disappointed when it got cancelled.

    1. scifitvsite Post author

      That was the U.S. reboot, though, not the original. The CW series basically retreaded a lot of the ground already covered by The X-Men in its many incarnations and to some extent Heroes from several years back. The original British show did some of that as well, but also mixed in some space opera which could have been so much cooler if they had the budget to match their ambitions.


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