Sci Fi TV Premieres This Week: American Horror Story and Z Nation

By | September 12, 2016

The Fall season is still just ramping up as we get two more early premieres this week. But it kicks into high gear next week with ten shows debuting or returning (you can see the full schedule at this link). Here are the premieres from this week and be sure to keep up with what is on each week with our Sci Fi TV Listings:

American Horror Story: Season 6 Premieres Wednesday September 14th at 10 PM EST

FX has kept details about the coming season of AHS very much under wraps, including even the subtitle.  Word is that this year will tie together the stories from the first five seasons, but there is no confirmation on that yet.  Here is a compilation of the teasers that have been released thus far and you can glean from those what you will about the upcoming season.

Z Nation: Season 3 Premieres Friday September 16th at 8 PM EST

This show is heading into its third year and following is the description Syfy gives for its upcoming season:  “A new adventure lurks for Citizen Z, while our survivors face a totally foreign threat. Oh, and Murphy is causing all kinds of trouble (are you surprised)?”

It will be having a two-hour season premiere on Friday and here is the trailer:

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