Sci Fi TV News: Walking Dead Crossover Character Announced, Matt Smith Wants to Team with 13th Doctor, and More

By | November 28, 2017

We Now Know the Walking Dead / Fear the Walking Dead Crossover Character, but Does the Timing Work?

We have known since last month that a crossover between AMC’s two Walking Dead shows is on the way, and now we know the character that will provide that link.  Advance warning to spoiler-phobes as this impacts the upcoming story of both shows.  Word broke this past weekend that Lennie James’ character Morgan will be playing a major role in the fourth season of spin-off series Fear the Walking Dead.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that he will be walker-bait on TWD, though, because Scott M. Gimple has claimed that Morgan “has a lot of story left on The Walking Dead“, and  the specifics of how the cross-over will work are not clear at this point.  FTWD is shifting locale to Houston this coming season and it has been taking place before the events of the parent series.  It is possible that Morgan’s encounter with the other group of survivors takes place between the events of TWD Season 1 and Season 3 when James was absent, though more attentive fans should let me know in the comments if the timing wouldn’t work out.  I don’t believe that Morgan could have encountered the FTWD characters after the Season 3 events, because that was covered in the Season 6 flashback episode.  It’s also possible that the spin-off series could flash forward to catch up with TWD, but that seems unlikely.

In any case, James is headed to Fear the Walking Dead and likely to give that show a ratings boost seeing as its numbers were way down in its last season.  Gimple claims that the move is to “see Fear‘s world and characters through new yet familiar eyes”, but James is a fan-favorite and I am sure the producers are hoping he will bring more eyes to the spin-off. TWD‘s current arc will set up the move, perhaps through a flash back episode, and James will transition to FTWD starting with its fourth season which will air around Summer 2018.

Stryx Live-Action TV Series in the Works

Dynamic Television is working on adapting the French sci fi graphic novel Le Chants des Stryges to a television series. Variety gives the following description for the planned show:

Stryx follows a disgraced American secret agent on the run who teams up with a mysterious female mercenary in his effort to clear his name. Together they uncover a web of powerful interests that transcend governments, and a race of super creatures that have long inhabited the Earth.

No television network or streaming service is currently attached and it would likely be late 2018 before Stryx has its debut if the projects goes forward.

News Bites: Matt Smith Wants to Team Up with the 13th Doctor, and More

Matt Smith, who played the eleventh Doctor on BBC’s Doctor Who, has indicated that he would be interested in returning to the role to team up with the upcoming thirteenth Doctor to be played by Jodie Whittaker.

The first seventeen minutes of the Agents of SHIELD Season 5 premiere is now available as an early sneak peek at this link.

Netflix has given the green light to a second season of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 revival series.

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