Sci Fi / Fantasy TV Worth Watching: The Last Ship

By | June 11, 2016

A common theme I hear these days from sci fi / fantasy fans is that there’s nothing good to watch on TV. Well, I’m calling BS on that because at last count I see that we are nearing one hundred sci fi / fantasy shows that are airing, returning, or coming up (check out the list at this link) and if you can’t find something you like among those, then you are trying not to like anything. Sure, the Too-Much-TV era has brought us plenty of mediocre to just plain bad shows, but it has also brought us plenty of good to great ones, many of which are having a hard time finding an audience.  And those are the ones that I am highlighting in this column.

the-last-ship-S3What Is It? After a deadly virus wipes out the vast majority of the human population across the globe, the naval vessel USS Nathan James is the sole surviving ship from the American fleet. But it carries with it the cure to the virus and a new hope for rebuilding the world.

When Does It Air? Sundays, 9 PM EST on TNT (Season 3 Premieres June 12th June 19th)

Can I Catch Up Online? Yes, the first and second seasons of the show are available through Hulu and for purchase at and iTunes.

Why Should I Watch It? Now sailing into its third season, this show has enjoyed decent ratings but it is not well known through the sci fi community.  It comes from executive producer Michael Bay, but it does not deliver the action and CGI overload that you typically see from his feature films. The first season started out essentially as G.I. Joe saves the world, though it did that well enough and counted as a guilty pleasure. The second year expanded into a more meaty tale and threw in some of the moral quandaries that you would expect from a post-apocalyptic tale, though it slipped back to more of the feel-good, hero-saves-the-day tone by season end. Still, as military drama and/or military sci fi, it presents itself quite well. It does not go into the darker places that shows like The Walking Dead prefer to explore, but in that sense it acts as a nice counter-balance to overly-grim tone so many genre entries have these days. The Last Ship may not count as a great sci fi show, but it is a very good one with an excellent cast and more genre fans should give it the attention that it deserves.  Note: The Season 3 premiere was delayed due to the shootings in Orlando because of a scene where gunmen attack a Vietnamese nightclub. It is now set for Sunday, June 19th.

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