Sci Fi and Fantasy TV Premieres and Returns for January: The X-Files, Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, The Magicians, and More

By | December 30, 2017

If you blinked, then you missed the Winter hiatus because Mid-Season is already upon us with quite a number of shows premiering or returning in the month of January, which includes those picking back up from their winter hiatus such as Star Trek: Discovery (see the list of those below). Here is the rundown of the premieres and returns scheduled for this month, and be sure to check back on a regular basis because not all of the networks have set their schedules yet and we will be making updates as new information comes available. You can see the full schedule of Mid-Season schedule sci fi and fantasy shows at this link and you can keep up with the weekly listings at this link. And be sure to follow to keep up with the renewal / cancellation status of your favorite shows.

(Links are to the show page where you can find out additional information about the series.)

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Wednesday, January 3rd

The X-Files Season 11 Premiere (FOX, 8 PM EST): After a two-year wait, Mulder and Scully are finally back to resolve that rather larger cliffhanger the show left us with at the end of its first revival season. We get ten episodes for the show’s eleventh season and it may be the final one, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Friday, January 5th

Devilman Crybaby Series Premiere (Netflix, Streaming): Based on the Manga series by Go Nagai, this original Anime follows a demon that possesses a boy to do evil, but changes his mind after falling in love with a human girl.

Saturday, January 6th

Falling Water Season 2 Premiere (USA, 10 PM EST): Returning for its second season, this show follows three people who learn that they can use their dreams to change their lives. In the new season, they will have to face an unknown entity that poses a huge threat to the waking world.

Wednesday, January 10th

The Magicians Season 3 Premiere (Syfy, 9 PM EST): The third season of Syfy’s popular fantasy series returns us to Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy where the students continue to learn to control their powers while also hunting for missing magic.

Friday, January 12th

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams Series Premiere (Amazon, Streaming): This anthology will adapt stories by the celebrated author known for works such as Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep (aka Blade Runner), Total Recall, Minority Report and More.

Tuesday, January 16th

Black Lightning Series Premiere (CW, 9 PM EST): The CW’s latest superhero entry follows the African-American hero known as Black Lightning who comes out of retirement to protect his family and his city.

Thursday, January 18th

Beyond Season 2 Premiere (Freeform, 8 PM EST): Returning for its second season, this show focuses on a young man named Holden Mathews who wakes up after being in a coma for twelve years to discover he now has strange powers.

Britannia Series Premiere (Amazon, Streaming): In this historical drama, the Roman Imperial army attempts to conquer Britannia in 43 AD but meets resistance from warrior women and Celtic druids.  Note: This debut date is tentative.

Sunday, January 21st

Counterpart Series Premiere (Starz, 9 PM EST): A United Nations spy discovers the existence of a parallel universe and he must work with a person on the other side know as “Prime”.

Returning from Hiatus

This is the list of shows and return dates for the Fall entries that will resume new episodes in January. Note that Agents of SHIELD, Happy!, The Librarians, and MacGyver had little or no hiatus and continue with new episodes the first week of January.

Arrow (CW) Returns from Hiatus Jan 18
The Flash (CW) Returns from Hiatus Jan 16
Ghosted (FOX) Returns from Hiatus Jan 7
The Gifted (FOX) Returns from Hiatus Jan 1
The Good Place (NBC) Returns from Hiatus Jan 4
Kevin Probably Saves the World (ABC) Returns from Hiatus Jan 2
The Last Man on Earth (FOX) Returns from Hiatus Jan 7
Lucifer (FOX) Returns from Hiatus Jan 1
Riverdale (CW) Returns from Hiatus Jan 17
Star Trek Discovery (CW) Returns from Hiatus Jan 15
Supergirl (CW) Returns from Hiatus Jan 15
Supernatural (CW) Returns from Hiatus Jan 18

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