Premiering: The Shannara Chronicles (MTV)

By | January 5, 2016

shannara-chronicles-mtv-cancelledAirs: Tuesdays 10 PM EST
Premiere: January 5th
Network: MTV
Starring: Ivana Baquero, Manu Bennett, Austin Butler, John Rhys-Davies

About: An Elvish tree, known as the Ellcrys, is dying. The bad news is that the tree has been the only piece of magic that protects the Four Lands from the Demon World. Amberle Elessedil is the only one who can save the tree. But she has to unlock magic that the Elves haven’t used in thousands of years. With the help of Wil Ohmsford, she travels to find the lost magic. But it won’t be an easy task. (Based on the Shannara books by Terry Brooks.)

Comments: This may seem like an odd entry for MTV, but the trailer sure demonstrates good production values and early word on the show has been positive (you can see io9’s review of the show at this link).  This is a highly anticipated series and will hopefully succeed in bringing the world that Terry Brooks created in his books alive on the small screen.


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