Indy Sci Fi: Help Fund the Upcoming Sci Fi / Fantasy Web Series Delantare

By | February 20, 2016

What is Delantare?

The Delantare series is an independent epic sci-fi/fantasy film & web series, produced by Standing Sun Productions, that will be filmed entirely in Western Colorado.

The Delantare pilot episode revolves around 4 individuals with identical counterparts in three different time periods, who are all drawn together across time by a single word: “Delantare” (pronounced DEL-en-tahr).



In the 1890’s Old West, a ragged wanderer runs afoul of both a corrupt sheriff and a bitter heiress who’s remaking the town in her own image.





In the present day, a young woman plagued with vision-like dreams is on the run from both the ambitious leader of a local gang and a cryptic stalker armed with a strange sword.





In a distant future, a member of the tyrannical elite navigates the machinations of her political rival while leading a double life aiding the oppressed in her city.



The goal of the Delantare pilot is to introduce the world to a sci-fi/fantasy universe that tells a fantastic, unique story with great characters for the viewer to fall in love with, intrigue and mystery to keep them guessing, and introduce a whole new world for the imagination to explore.

We’ve made a companion short film/concept reel entitled Free that will be made available February 16, 2016 to introduce some of the concepts and elements that will be present throughout the series.

Free: A Delantare Story

We’re trying something new.  We’re trying something different.  And we hope you’ll join us on the journey!

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