Sci Fi / Fantasy TV Worth Watching: The 100

By | March 10, 2016

A common theme I hear these days from sci fi / fantasy fans is that there’s nothing good to watch on TV. Well, I’m calling BS on that because at last count I see that we have close to eighty sci fi / fantasy shows airing, returning, or coming up (check out the list at this link) and if you can’t find something you like among those, then you are trying not to like anything. Sure, the Too-Much-TV era has brought us plenty of mediocre to just plain bad shows, but it has also brought us plenty of good to great ones, many of which are having a hard time finding an audience.  For example:

The-100-Season-3The 100

What Is It? In this post-apocalyptic show based on the YA book series by Kass Morgan, the last remnants of humanity has fled to a space station in orbit around earth known as The Ark because nuclear war has devastated the planet. After twelve years in space, the station is running low on resources and a group of 100 juvenile prisoners (imprisoned by the harsh justice of The Ark) are declared “expendable” and sent to Earth to determine if it is inhabitable once again.

When Does It Air? Thursdays at 9 PM EST on The CW

Can I Catch Up Online? Yes. Netflix has Season 1 and 2 available for streaming, and Hulu has the current season’s episodes available (The CW’s website has the five most recent). Episodes are also available for purchase at the usual places like Amazon and iTunes.

Why Should I Watch It? This show is everything NBC’s Revolution wanted to be and more and it delivers the closest thing to a hard-hitting, Walking Dead-style, post-apocalyptic drama that you can ask from the broadcast networks. As with all of The CW’s genre entries, it has an annoying tendency to slip into copy-and-paste dialog, but when it is hitting on all cylinders this show really rises above the pack. Unfortunately, it has struggled in the ratings each year and needs an audience boost to last for another season.  Bad news is that this is not an easy show to jump onboard at this point in its run. But the good news is that the first two seasons are available on Netflix, so a couple of weekends of binging plus a catchup of the current season on Hulu or The CW’s website is doable. Also note that the first season starts off kind of rough, hardly distinguishing itself from similar YA franchises like The Hunger Games and Maze Runner. But about midway through that season it starts to hit its stride and really deliver some decent sci fi that is worth checking out.

Be sure to follow The 100‘s season to date rates and cancellation / renewal status at

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