Sci Fi / Fantasy TV Worth Watching: You, Me, and The Apocalypse

By | March 5, 2016

A common theme I hear these days from sci fi / fantasy fans is that there’s nothing good to watch on TV. Well, I’m calling BS on that because at last count I see that we have close to eighty sci fi / fantasy shows airing, returning, or coming up (check out the list at this link) and if you can’t find something you like among those, then you are trying not to like anything. Sure, the Too-Much-TV era has brought us plenty of mediocre to just plain bad shows, but it has also brought us plenty of good to great ones, many of which are having a hard time finding an audience.  For example:

you-me-and-the-apocalypse-2You, Me, and the Apocalypse

What Is It?  In this quirky dramedy, a comet is on a collision course with Earth which will result in an extinction level event in about a month’s time. The show follows several diverse groups of people across the globe who appear to be on a collision course of their own in a bunker designed to survive the apocalypse (and no, that’s not a spoiler, it is teased at the beginning of every episode).

When Does It Air? Thursdays at 8 PM EST on NBC

Can I Catch Up Online? Yes, the network’s website has all the episodes available for online viewing and the entire first season so far is available on Hulu.  The episodes are also available for purchase from Amazon Instant Video and iTunes.

Why Should I Watch It?  Because it’s a ton of fun and there’s nothing else quite like it on television. NBC pretty much just dumped this show on the schedule and many people probably don’t even know it is airing while others are avoiding it figuring it is nothing more than a temporary plug for a hole in the network’s schedule (which it may very well be seeing as it comes as part of an international partnership with the British Sky Channel). And the fact is that sci fi and comedy have not always mixed well on television. But not so for this show which has excelled in its first season and it is just about my favorite show currently airing. It ranges from laugh-out-loud moments to much more subtle humor and also throws in some pretty touching dramatic moments as it manages to tread that fine line between comedy and drama quite well. Plus it has a stellar cast that includes Rob Lowe, Jenna Fischer, Paterson Joseph, Diana Rig, and amazing newcomer Gaia Scodellaro (Nick Offerman even drops in for a hilarious turn in one ep). I understand that this show might not be for everybody, but I believe sci fi fans will enjoy it and you should tune in soon because I don’t see it coming back for a second season on NBC based on the low ratings it has pulled thus far.  There is a chance that the British Sky Channel could keep it going, and I hope it does, but you should definitely enjoy the first season of this odd but engaging show while it is airing.

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