Cancellation Watch: Zoo Returns Down, Killjoys and Dark Matter Return Okay, Plus the Ratings Roundup

By | July 7, 2016

cbs-zoo-cancelledRatings Results of Interest: On Tuesday of last week, Zoo had its second season debut on CBS and could only pull a 0.8 rating based on the overnights for the 18 to 49 demographic with 5.1 million total viewers. That’s down from its season low last year of a 0.9 score and not a great start for its sophomore season. If it could hold steady or even improve a bit, it might be okay in the current ratings-pocalypse environment, but if it slips more than a tick or two it will find itself in trouble. On Friday, Syfy had two premieres and both showed some ratings life. Killjoys returned at a 0.24 rating with about 770k total viewers which was just a little above its average from last year. Dark Matter was down a bit from its Season 1 numbers at a 0.20 rating with 830k total viewers, but that is still above what that network’s Spring shows were averaging. On top of that, Killjoys was the ninth highest rated cable show for Friday night and Dark Matter was Number 20. That’s higher than I recall those being ranked during their first seasons, though perhaps competition was not too high due to the holiday weekend. But at least it is a decent start for those shows in a time when double-digit year over year losses are common and the partnership Syfy has will the Space Channel in Canada will help these shows as well. On Sunday, TNT’s The Last Ship slipped to a 0.41 rating with just under two million total viewers. Call it a holiday hangover and that one has faced rough waters through its third season so far. If it can right the ship by next week, though, perhaps it will have clear sailing into a fourth season.  Read the full article at our partner site

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