Cancellation Watch: Where Does Agent Carter Stand Now that Agents of SHIELD Has Been Renewed? Plus Lucifer and Supergirl are Fading and the Scorecards

By | March 5, 2016

agent-carter-cancelledAgent Carter Scenarios: ABC announced the fourth season renewal for Agents of SHIELD yesterday, but they have said nothing about Agent Carter yet.  I have contended since last season that their fates are tied to an extent, and I believe now we have a clearer picture of where Agent Carter stands. With the AoS renewal and the fact that Haley Atwell has been cast in an upcoming ABC pilot, I’m thinking that AC is now done as a standalone show.  Even the executive producers of the show have said its chances of making it to a third season are “bad”.  ABC currently has the Marvel’s Most Wanted spin-off from Agents of SHIELD in development and I’m thinking that one will get the timeshare slot on the schedule that Agent Carter has had the last two seasons, at least in its first year.  But since I think that AoS will be in its last season next year, the producers would be smart to bring Peggy Carter in for a few episodes to more closely tie the two shows together and then they can be packaged for a syndication run.  MMW might then pick up the Avengers tie-in baton from parent series AoS and carry on beyond next season, or if the ratings don’t justify it then it could get tacked on to that syndication package as well.  But no matter how it plays out, I don’t see a scenario where Agent Carter returns to ABC for another season.  Netflix could pick up the show as they have indicated they want to expand there Marvel offerings.  But it doesn’t fit in well with their current Defenders shows and if Atwell’s pilot gets the greenlight I’m thinking it won’t work out (and the EPs don’t think it is happening either).  Read the full article at our partner site

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