Cancellation Watch: The Walking Dead Returns Strong, But Can it Hold Up? Plus the Ratings Roundup

By | October 26, 2016

the-walking-dead-s7-finaleSeason Premiere: On Sunday, AMC’s The Walking Dead had its much anticipated Season 7 debut and enjoyed a stratospheric 8.4 rating based on the overnights for the 18-49 demographic with 17 million total viewers.  That has it close to the series high ratings it had with its Season 5 premiere where it pulled an 8.7 rating with 17.3 million total viewers.  TWD is definitely off to a strong start this year, but I have to wonder if it is not going to start seeing some serious declines in its numbers as the season progresses.  Many people tuned in to Sunday’s episode to see the resolution of the Season 6 cliffhanger in which new enemy Negan killed off one of the main cast members.  But last season’s finale raised plenty of controversy by leaving viewers hanging for months which was made worse by AMC turning hostile against fans for trying to guess who Negan’s victim was (and I called it all the way back in July, lawyers be damned!).  Plus, I am already hearing a lot of backlash against the Season 7 premiere for continuing to string fans along (it was nearly half way through the episode before the big reveal came) and also for its excessive violence. Read the full article at our partner site

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