Cancellation Watch: The Ratings are Low, But Still Going Lower. Is There Still Hope for Agent Carter? Plus the Weekly Ratings Roundup

By | March 8, 2016

once-upon-a-time-abc-s4Sinking Ratings: The ratings continue to be low for the broadcast networks evidenced by the returns on Sunday of ABC’s Once Upon A Time and FOX’s The Last Man on Earth, both after long hiatuses. The former series remained at a series low of a 1.3 rating with four million total viewers, while the latter slipped from its Fall finale to a 1.1 rating with 2.7 million total viewers. Interestingly, though, Once Upon A time tied for the highest rated scripted show on the broadcast networks on Sunday as that night has become a disaster this season for non-sports related programming. And pretty much every night for the broadcast nets is down these days with hardly any shows making it above a 3.0 rating and several Big Four shows falling as low as 0.6 and 0.5 scores. But if you think the numbers are bad now, guess what? They are about to go lower! Historically, the broadcast nets have experienced a Spring slump starting with the move to Daylight Savings Time which arrives this Sunday. So that suggests that the numbers have not bottomed out yet and we will see how low they can go and still be considered acceptable over the next couple of months. The broadcast nets will have to answer to their sponsors come May when they present their schedules at the Upfronts. I have to believe that the advertisers will not want to pay as much for commercial time based on these slumping numbers and that’s going to put the squeeze even tighter on the broadcast nets.  Read the full article at our partner site

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