Cancellation Watch: The Flash and Arrow are Among a Small Number of Shows Guaranteed To Get Renewed, Minority Report and Second Chance are Sure to Get Cancelled; Plus the Weekly Ratings Roundup

By | February 17, 2016

The-Flash-season-2Certain Renewals and Cancellations: We still have a few more months left in the season, and it’s a bit early to make final renewal / cancellation calls (though I will be doing that about mid to late April).  But there are several shows that are pretty much a lock at this point, so it is worth getting them flagged as sure renewals to put fans at ease (assuming they were worrying in the first place).  Interestingly enough, almost all of them of CW shows.  Leading off is The Flash which has performed consistently well throughout its second season and is racing ahead of its Tuesday night competition on the Big Four broadcast nets like Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, and Limitless at this point in the season.  And parent series Arrow also counts as a lock to get another season.  It has not pulled numbers as high as The Flash, but it is The CW’s second highest rated show season to date.  The only thing that would keep those two from coming back next year would be if The CW were to fold (not an impossibility considering that the Peak TV bubble has to burst at some point), but even then I am betting that another network or the streaming services would grab them up.  Supernatural also looks to be headed into a twelfth year seeing as we have yet to hear an announcement on this being its final season.  As long as the cast and crew are willing to stick with that one, it appears that The CW will keep it on the air.  Read the full article at our partner site

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