Cancellation Watch: Stranger Things Has Become One of Netflix’s Most Popular Original Series, Plus the Ratings Roundup

By | August 17, 2016

stranger-things-netflixNetflix Ratings: The first season of Stranger Things, an 80’s throwback sci fi thriller, debuted on Netflix last month without much advance promotion and with many people not knowing what to expect from it, but it has gone on to become the third most watched original series on that streaming service according to SymphonyAM (see chart below).  That service, a competitor of Nielsen, has compiled numbers for Netflix viewership and estimated that Stranger Things has had 8.2 million viewers based on Live+16 data vs. 6.8 million for Daredevil and 4.8 million for Jessica Jones.  I believe that is average viewership per episode, though the chart is not quite clear on that.  Note that Netflix has previously disputed SymphonyAM’s numbers, but you can read more about how the company collects its data at this link.  Even if these are just rough estimates, it definitely shows that Stranger Things has drawn a significant audience, and much of that from word-of-mouth promotion.  Netflix has not indicated yet if the show will be returning for a second season, but these stats and the good buzz surrounding the show suggest that it has a very good chance of continuing for another year.  Read the full article at our partner site

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