Cancellation Watch: Renewal Fever Saves The Last Man on Earth; Plus the Scorecards

By | March 25, 2016

last-man-on-earth-S2Renewal Fever Continues: Despite the ratings nose dive we are seeing this season, the broadcast networks have caught the renewal fever and continue to say “Just renew it, baby!” The latest beneficiary of this is FOX’s low-rated sci fi sitcom The Last Man on Earth. That network announced late yesterday that the show will be returning for a third season even though the outlook for it has been grim all year. It went on a long hiatus after Fall and returned earlier this month only to get preempted after only two new episodes had aired. That made it look like the network was using the show as schedule spackle, but apparently FOX has decided to keep it around for another year. As a sitcom, it is less expensive to produce than the typical hour long drama and this show in particular does not have much in the way of casting demands. It has been performing notably below its network average all season (see rank on the scorecard below), and its delayed viewing gains have not been particularly high either. Both TV by the Numbers and TV Grimm Reaper were more optimistic about its fate, but I had pretty much written if off when it didn’t receive a return date after it wrapped up in Fall. But as the ratings-pocalypse sets in, it appears evident that the networks are preferring to hold on to as many known properties as possible.  Read the full article at our partner site

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