Cancellation Watch: Is Limitless This Year’s Forever? Plus the Scorecards

By | April 8, 2016

limitless-open-your-mindOn the Bubble: The ratings remain low, but the renewal fever continues to be strong among the broadcast networks, with Lucifer and Grimm as the latest beneficiaries. But not every show will escape the Network Executioner this year and I have to wonder if CBS freshman series Limitless might be one of the ones to fall short. That show has thus far tracked a course very similar to ABC’s Forever from last year, which ended in cancellation. Both are procedurals with genre elements and both are known for their lighter, wittier approach. Both of them were scheduled in the Tuesday 10 PM timeslot which has a hard time sustaining an audience. Both started out with decent ratings and both experienced good delayed viewing gains. Both also saw their numbers drop, in part due to frequent preemptions and repeat airings scheduled by the networks. Both have also developed a loyal and vocal fanbase, though that was not enough to save Forever from getting cancelled last year. Limitless currently has two episodes left in its current season and its numbers have been down throughout 2016. I definitely consider it a toss-up at best for renewal at this point, despite claims by the CBS boss that all of the network’s freshman shows will get renewed.   Read the full article at our partner site

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