Cancellation Watch: Introducing the New, Streamlined Ratings Roundup

By | April 5, 2016

Changes to the Ratings Roundup:  As we head into the Spring season (you can see the schedule at this link), I will be streamlining the weekly ratings roundup into an easier to read grid instead of the individual entries for each series.  I will still be looking at the numbers worth pointing out in the Ratings Results sections each week (see below) and if you click through to the link for the show page I will continue to be posting status updates there as well as the season to date numbers.  This will offer a more streamlined version of the ratings roundup that will pull the data together in a more usable format, and feel free to lets know your thoughts on the changes in the comments section below.  Also, I will not be putting up the Status Update posts twice a week like I have been, though  I will still be doing the status updates and season to date numbers on the show pages, usually within two days on when the episode aired.  When the Tuesday ratings roundup piece is posted, that information should be available for the shows through Sunday, and when the Friday scorecards are posted that information will be there for the shows through Wednesday.  This is a way of streamlining what we are posting on the site as I have noticed that traffic has been going to the show pages as opposed to the articles, likely because there are so many sci fi / fantasy shows airing these days and people just want to focus on the ones they are watching. If there is any chart activity for the genre shows during the week, that is captured in the second grid below.  The full updates of that are usually on about a one day delay because the broadcast network and cable Top 25 are not posted until later on Tuesdays.   Read the full article at our partner site

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