Cancellation Watch: Grimm’s Sixth Season Will Have Fewer Episodes, Game of Thrones Returns Strong, Plus the Ratings Roundup

By | April 26, 2016

grimm-s5Shortened Season: NBC recently renewed their long-running supernatural drama Grimm for a sixth season, but last week the network announced that they had only ordered thirteen episodes for the coming year instead of the typical twenty two for a returning show.  It could also get a late start next year, possibly around mid-season, instead of its typical bow which is usually close to Halloween.  So what exactly does this mean for the show?  In part, it represents schedule shuffling by the networks because they have so many returning shows due to the renewal fever they caught this year.  But I believe they could also be positioning this show for its exit.  Its numbers were at all-time lows this season (but that was true of many shows in the current ratings-pocalypse environment), so the sixth season could be its opportunity to wrap up all its storylines.  The network may end up using the show as schedule spackle, filling in holes while other shows are on break or running it at typically low viewership times of year.  But the network also does not appear to have completely given up on the series like CBS did with Person of Interest at about this time last year, as they have said that more episodes could still be ordered for Grimm‘s sixth season.   But I take this as a sign that the end could be near and that the creative team will likely approach next season as its last.  It has had a good run, though, and it will get to an episode count of over 120 if those thirteen are all that remains.  But it gets the chance to go out on its own terms which is more than many genres can say, and fans should at least appreciate that.  Read the full article at our partner site

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