Cancellation Watch: FOX Shows Like Lucifer and Sleepy Hollow Could Start Slipping in the Scorecard

By | April 2, 2016

lucifer-fox-cancelledThe rankings in the broadcast network scorecard remained mostly the same this week and FOX’s Lucifer even improved by one slot to Number 6.  But that was actually more a factor of ABC’s Once Upon A Time slipping due to its declining numbers than Lucifer improving its performance.  And that FOX show along with Sleepy Hollow–both still awaiting word on renewal–will start slipping on this chart in the coming weeks.  That is because their network’s powerhouse show Empire returned this week (it will be factored into these numbers starting with the next set of rankings) and also because American Idol has been skewing FOX’s results up in 2016.  The Fall of 2015 was an unquestionable disaster for the network, but its prospects have improved during the second half of the season.  And because of that, the gap from the network’s average will continue to grow for declining or poorly performing shows like Lucifer and Sleepy Hollow.  How the network will factor that in when making their decisions in the coming month (the 2016-17 schedule is due in May) remains to be seen.  And I still think Lucifer has a chance if it doesn’t sink any further.  Sleepy Hollow is more of a question since it is at all-time lows, and you have to believe that the network is considering its options and looking closely at its pilots to see if it has something they believe will pull a larger audience next season.  But then the recent renewal favor has worked in favor of veteran shows, so don’t count that one out just yet.  I consider both it and Lucifer Call to Action shows at the moment, and fans need to make as much noise as possible on the social networks to support them.  Read the full article at our partner site

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