Cancellation Watch: Could Supergirl Move to The CW? Plus the Ratings Roundup

By | May 3, 2016

Supergirl-CBSMoving Time? According to a comment in a recent article by Variety, CBS series Supergirl could be moving over to the fifth place network The CW next season.  This is one of those “sources” say comments, and the article did note that “a network insider shot down the speculation”.  So take all of that for what it is worth, which is not much at this point.  Supergirl launched pretty high in the ratings last Fall, but has since slipped in altitude and has been pulling modest at best numbers through its season finale.  As far as the logistics, the move would seem to make some sense as CBS and Warner Bros. own The CW and WB owns the series.  Plus, The CW already has an established universe based on the DC comic book characters with Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl was tangentially linked to that with the Flash cross-over episode.  But then previous talks of moving DC based Constantine from NBC to The CW were dismissed claiming the show cost too much.  A similar situation would exist with Supergirl because the Big Four nets tend to pour more money into their shows while the fifth place net tends to work with a smaller budget.  But then The CW has done quite a lot with the shows it has and it shares some of the same executive producers with Supergirl, so I’m thinking they could figure out the cost situation (possibly dumping the star power of Calista Flockhart and shrinking the cast).  There’s also the issue of The CW’s schedule being pretty crowded with the blanket renewal of all its shows (except Containment) and the other ones that network has in the works.  Plus, I was thinking that CBS might be trying to build a block of younger-skewing (by that net’s standards) shows which would include carryovers Supergirl and Scorpion plus the MacGuyver reboot that is in the pipeline.  So CBS may have an interest in keeping the superhero show on its schedule even though its numbers are down.  Read the full article at our partner site

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