Cancellation Watch: Could Supergirl be Making a Move to Survive for a Second Season? Houdini & Doyle Debuts Low, Plus the Scorecards

By | May 7, 2016

supergirl-cbsOn the Move? Deadline Hollywood has reported that freshman CBS series Supergirl could be moving production from Los Angeles to Vancouver in order to cut costs.  That is partly because the show did not get expected tax breaks from the California Film Commission, but it has also not been the ratings success that CBS expected and apparently they want to keep costs down if they are to consider a second season.  There’s also the chance that it could shift to The CW for its second season which means that a lot of discussions are being generated around the fate of the show and it is not guaranteed to come back at this point.  Deadline mentions that among the cast members “many are not thrilled about the potential move” and that a second season could have a shorter episode count to keep costs down.  But moving to Vancouver makes sense logistically because that is where the other Greg Berlanti produced shows are located (Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow).  And the article also mentions that if CBS and/or The CW do not greenlight a second season of the show, other networks and digital platforms have shown an interest in picking it up.  The predictions have been hopeful for this show up to this point, but my gut has been telling me that the road looks rough for it.  I still believe the chances that are decent that Supergirl will continue to fly on television after this season, but it’s not a lock and changes are definitely coming if it does stick around.  Read the full article at our partner site

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