Cancellation Watch: Can The Shannara Chronicles Survive at its Current Ratings Levels? Plus the Broadcast Net and Cable Scorecards

By | February 20, 2016

shannara-chronicles-mtv-cancelledOn Tuesday, MTV’s epic fantasy series The Shannara Chronicles slipped again in the ratings, this time to a 0.32 score based on the overnights for the 18-49 demographic with about 800k total viewers.  Those are pretty low numbers for such an expensive series, even one that is airing on the cable networks.  The show’s season to date average across eight episodes is a 0.4 score which only slightly behind that network’s veteran series Teen Wolf and is better than the 0.3 rating Scream averaged over the Summer before getting renewed.  But then the former series is in the syndication stretch and anything from this point on is just padding to its syndication run (thus guaranteed to turn a profit), and Scream was a much cheaper show to produce (unless the network had to pay a lot to license the franchise name).  Still, at this point I don’t consider The Shannara Chronicles in too much danger, though it is right at the cusp.  I’m pretty sure this show has international financing backing it and it will enjoy a worldwide run, so I am thinking a second season was pretty much pressumed from the start.  We have seen a similar situation just recently with Syfy’s The Expanse which pulled pretty poor linear viewing numbers but still got the second season nod.  These days, the cable networks are leading the charge away for relying on the overnights (though nobody is ignoring them) and have things like international financing and a stronger push toward digital viewing as factors to help offset the loss of ad revenue from the live broadcasts.  That makes it much harder to predict the fate of cable shows because it is often difficult to tell when these intangibles are playing a significant role.  At this point, though, I believe that The Shannara Chronicles is mostly safe, though I’m sure MTV would have preferred that it pull higher numbers in the overnights.  But if the intangibles are not there as I am assuming, it might actually be On the Bubble at this point.  Read the full article at our partner site

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