10 Sci-Fi And Fantasy Shows You May Have Missed In The Peak TV Overload

By | April 8, 2017

Peak TV keeps coming at us like a firehose cranked to 11, and I have just posted a rundown of 103 currently airing, returning, and upcoming sci-fi shows here. That’s quite a lot for anybody to keep up with, so I decided to focus on 10 of them that seem to have gone mostly under the radar. These shows don’t get the headlines like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones or The Flash, but they still have their merits and are worth checking out.

Some of these are shows that I have watched and believe that other genre fans will enjoy, and others are ones that I have noticed develop small but loyal fanbases that are trying to get the word out to other viewers. So, consider adding any or all of these to your watch list and also chime in below with other sci fi / fantasy shows that you believe are not getting the attention they deserve in the current uber-competitive television environment.

You can read the full article at this link.

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